New year’s resolutions for your family

New year’s resolutions for your family

We all know that people are very busy nowadays as they are busy with their work or studies. So it’s very difficult for them to spend some time with family members. So you’d better come up with an activity to invite everyone to join an event on the same day. As your kids won’t be kids forever, they are eager to stay with parents and when they look back, they can memorize the happy time staying with parents. So I would like to offer the following tips for the new year’s resolution and these resolutions are about how to organize activities with family members.

Firstly, you should say goodbye to technology one day a week.

If you get on the subway, you will find out that every one is looking at their smart phone all the time, including kids. However, there’s no time for parents and kids to communicate with each other, leading to bad communication. So you need to stop using smart phone one day a week and try to spend some time together as a family. You can plan a weekend adventure or spend some time outside as a family. As long as you all can get rid of the smart phone for a day once a week.

Secondly, you should play more as a family.

Please don’t just sit down and look at your kids playing on the playground. You can join them and jump with them and have some fun together. You can plan a family trip and spend some quality time with kids, even play at an indoor playground like many other families. Our companies offer you all kinds of equipment for you to choose from. You can buy one online and we can send them to you nowadays. Or you can play the game such as hide and seek. You can visit the zoo or a park together. You can invite your kids to tell you what kind of animals they like best and you can introduce the animals one by one to them.

Thirdly, you can learn how to save the environment.

It’s never too late to learn how to protect the environment. At the very beginning of the year, you can invite your kids to appreciate the beauty of nature by taking them to a park, planting some flowers or going camping somewhere during the weekend. If you live near a hill, you can take kids to climb the mountain and observe the plants by collecting some flowers, leaves and grass, even wild fruits. As long as your kids stay more with nature, they can enjoy the environment later in life. As the earth is the home for all of us, as long as we can protect the environment, we can live a peaceful and quiet life for ever. In a word, new year’s resolutions can be made as you like, but if you want to realize them, you need to be persistent. You must be proud of yourselves when you realize them all. Best wishes to you and if you want to buy the indoor playground, we can offer the quality equipment and they can help you to spend a happy time with kids.

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