Prize Redemption Touchscreen Video Arcade Game Machine

Move your fingers relaxingly on Candy Crush Saga Prize Redemption Touchscreen Video Arcade Game Machine

When you are taking a bus or subway in your daily life, you may notice that there are many passengers like to play fruit elimination game to treat their commuting time. In the fruit elimination game, you will need to line three same fruit in a line to eliminate them all. This kind of game usually has very simple rule and do not need you engage in your logic thinking. Actually, the easy playing way is rightly what those players want most because they just want to do something easy like sleeping to handle their commuting time. The candy crush saga prize redemption touchscreen video arcade game runs in the same model as fruit elimination game while it can still offer you something more.

What is the candy crush saga prize redemption touchscreen video arcade game machine?

The candy crush saga prize redemption touchscreen video arcade game machine has a really simple design because it just has a leaning touchscreen built in the cabinet. The cabinet is made of raw wood material so that it can help you to save a large amount of cost if you decide to buy such a game machine for your indoor play park. The whole cabinet is painted with various kinds of cartoon characters that all have a friendly smile on their face like saying a hello to the player. On the top monitor, there is colorful marquee that used for propaganda. You can put your business logo on it to impress those players so that you will be able to bring them back again and again. On the bottom of the HD monitor, there is a coin slot where you can put in a coin to start elimination game. While playing this game, players have multiple ways to win prizes. Sometimes, they can finish candy crush “Combos” while sometimes they have to clear all the jellies. In this fun “match-3 style video touchscreen game, players can hang around in the sweet, wonderful, and colorful world where they can come across to various kinds of candies or jellies. This will greatly inspire those little kids’ interests by presenting them a fruitful world. Since its birth, this touchscreen game became very popular with players of all ages, especially those young girls.

Features of Candy Crush

  • Cabinet design: The cabinet of the Candy Crush has an attraction-sized design that features lively and cute cartoon animals. When you are standing in front of the machine, you will feel like they are sending a friendly “hello” to you.
  • Touchscreen: This game machine employs a huge touchscreen to work for itself so that you can conveniently move the fruit or jellies in the game by a slight sliding. Also, this touchscreen is built with advanced graphic technology so that it can present to the player high-definition pictures while it is working.
  • Prize redemption: Unlike those fruit elimination game played on mobile device, the candy crush can offer prize redemption to add more fun into the game.

While you are playing this kind of fruit elimination game, you will just to use nothing except your second finger. In this way, you will able to rescue yourself from heavy thinking times and enjoy some fun in a relaxing way.

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