indoor playground flooring safety cannot be ignored

Indoor playground flooring safety cannot be ignored

Birds are chirping, the temperature is rising, spring is here! Children all over the country cheered in unison and it was time to go out and play. Spring is the most common season of the year when it is beautiful outside and families end their winter seclusion and come out to play. Since the season has just begun, it is the perfect time to consider putting your own playground or updating your old, outdated equipment.

When it comes to playgrounds, you have plenty of options, but two things are necessary: your playground must be safe and it must be fun! If you do this, you can greatly improve your indoor playground competitiveness. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve.

Simply start with a vibrant, durable and safe fall height, add sturdy, well-maintained equipment, and with a little common sense, you can get started. Before the fun starts, let’s take a moment to check our safety. Because going to the hospital is not fun. No broken bones.

1.Inappropriate indoor playground surface

Before we discuss what you want to do on your playground floor, let’s not make any choices. The ground of the playground must be shockproof. This means that asphalt, concrete, dirt, and gravel have been eliminated.

Think natural grass is soft? Maybe a picnic, but not landing after you jump off the swing! No, no, no, you need a specially designed playground floor. We recommend an outdoor rubber. We are rubber fanatics.

2.Playground tiles

Playground tiles are simple, easy, and no fuss about playground materials. Rubber playground tiles are durable and stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about thickness changes the way they can be covered with the playground. Durable, flexible rubber creates a smooth surface that provides strength during running and playing, as well as safety in the event of a fall.

3.Playground mulch

Playground mulch is easier in the short term and a little more in the long term maintenance of the playground floor. Just like our floor, our rubber mulch is also recommended thickness, this word has always been strange… Try speaking five times faster! To ensure a high level of safety in the fall.

This requires more maintenance, as playground coverings can be replaced by weather, so it is important to measure regularly to ensure that your playground floor is still at a safe thickness.

Several benefits of using rubber playground mulch are that, unlike wood mulch, it doesn’t absorb moisture, attract bugs, or attract nearby cats to use it as their litter box.

4.Playground mats

The first thing you need to know is that indoor playground MATS is not recommended as a safe surface for falls. Although our swing safety mat offers a 6 ‘fall height, it is necessary to cover a larger area for your playground safety floor to ensure that children are safe wherever they are.

Rubber sports mats will protect you from scratches, and they will protect your floor surface, especially on swings. They do provide a little extra cushioning when you come down the stairs and slide, but it is not recommended as your main playground floor.

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