9D VR theater simulator

Incredible 9D VR theater simulator will give your family an unforgettable experience

If you are traveling in the park with your generations and next generations, you must feel it hard to find an indoor play equipment to take after all your families at the same time. If so, you must have not heard about 9D VR theater simulator yet. VR theater simulator is the latest kind of recreation way for multiple people to watch a VR movie and share the fun together. In those indoor family entertainment centers, you can easily come across to this kind of mobile theater that are aimed to provide incredible experiences. With these incredible VR theater simulators, you families and you will never fail to have fun together.

What is 9D VR theater simulator machine?

VR theater simulator machine is kind of new machine that can build a mobile theater where people can enjoy their favorite movies in a different way. 9D VR simulator machine is a perfect combination of 5D, 7D, and 9D virtual reality technology that is achieved by VR helmet. Also, this type of VR theater is always equipped with dynamic seats that can make a real-time and accurate move that will make you a more real feeling. For example, when you are enjoying a movie of a fierce war. When there is a fierce bombing, you can vividly feel the whole grand is quaking due to the real-time repose of the dynamic chair.

What are the features?

  • 360° rotation: Backed by our strong technology, this kind VR theater simulator machine can make a 360° automatic synchronous rotation. With this feature, players can have a 360° sight simply by turning around their heads.
  • Face and ear wind: This feature can help players to feel those real weather elements by creating a feeling. For example, you will feel cold if the movie is continuing in winter.
  • Leg tickle: Because of the latest sensory, the seat will produce a real touch feeling produced on your legs when you are walking in the movie. It is so cool that you wouldn’t like to leave your seat right way after the movie.

Where it can be put?

In fact, there is no severe definition about its application. You can put it in those tourist attractions, all kinds of clubs, star hotels, KTV, movie theater, arcade, supermarket and so many places. Since the 9D VR theater simulator machine has a movable base, which is consist of dozens of wheels connected to a platform, you can easily change its working site. So, this mobile theater is really easy for an initial arrangement and later rearrangement.

The latest type of 9D VR theater simulator contains 6 seats that are designed for providing synchronized fun for a group of people. So, if you are coming with your families, it will be a good choice for you to reap some collaborative fun.

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