How to improve the competitive ability of an indoor playground

How to improve the competitive ability of an indoor playground

In recent years, indoor amusement parks are increasingly favored by all sectors of society due to the influence of the era of mass entertainment. Apart from amusement parks, children’s amusement equipment can be seen in almost all large malls or community supermarkets. Nowadays, children’s amusement equipment has not only become the standard equipment of shopping centers but also become a knockout of many industries.

Where there is a market, there is competition, and where there is competition, there are winners and losers. How to stand out from the competition? It’s not only in the operators’ management skills and management methods but also in the safety, intelligence, and education of their amusement facilities. In addition, with the continuous improvement of people’s spiritual needs, amusement equipment should not only meet the above three levels but also meet the emotional principle and experience design concept.

1.Equipment selection

Children are born with a sense of curiosity, especially when it comes to the demand for amusement facilities. In addition, children are especially sensitive to the stimulation of the outside world. In recent years,  the research and development of children’s amusement facilities are gradually closer to the children’s world in the dynamic direction to meet their emotional needs

2. Characteristic and patience are indispensable

For the shopping center, children have the magic of driving the whole family’s consumption, but in the fast-paced social life, the invariable is a disadvantage. A director of China shopping industrial information center said that the industry will be shuffled in the process of development. Even if it finds its identity, brands of children’s businesses will go through a long profit cycle. The investment of an indoor playground includes fixed equipment investment, technology investment, rent, equipment depreciation, labor cost, water and electricity property fee.

3. Market refinement of the integrated industrial chain

When children are at different ages, there will be different directions of investment in training. 2-6 is the age of playing; There will be more investment in education after the age of 6. It is reported that Disney is engaged in entertainment program production, theme parks, toys, books, video games, media networks and other businesses, itself is the children’s industry chain of the whole collection. With the change of population structure, the number of babies and children is increasing continuously, but the existing business of children exceeds the market capacity. Enterprises independently build the whole industrial chain, which is easy to form vicious competition in the market.

4. A reasonable charge is a magic weapon

How to charge the ticket for an indoor children’s park? It has become one of the important factors. The price should be charged according to the local consumption level and parents’ attitude, investment and other specific accounting.

5. Alliance with other industry

If an indoor children’s park wants to have a good prospect, it must have its own characteristics, to have keen insight into the market, understand the needs of children, to help their physical and mental development. In terms of promotion, we can cooperate with organizations related to children and set up member files for better service and promotion. The most important thing is to highlight individuality. If a new amusement park wants to attract customers in a short time, it must use novel equipment and visually striking products to attract children’s attention.

In general, the operation of an indoor children’s park is not as simple as the imagination, the successful operation of the park has to consider a lot of factors. First of all, we should have a correct business philosophy, as an indoor playground, we should stand in the perspective of children and parents to think about the problem.

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