Dr. Love/Love Meter – Metal

Bravely test your love in Dr. Love/Love Meter-Metal

As we all know, young couples love to go shopping in those shopping malls or supermarkets. Usually, the girlfriend like to drag their boyfriend out of their house and ask their boyfriend to go shopping on the weekend. When they are wondering in the mall, except for shopping, they will also pay a frequent visit to those amusement arcades built in the mall when they feel tired of shopping and want to play some games. Here is a new arcade machine called Dr. Love/Love Meter – Metal that is considered very suitable for young couples. With this machine, young couples can have a chance to test their love and have some fun as well.

How does the Dr. Love/ Love Meter – Metal work?

The Dr. Love/Love Meter – Metal is a kind of love tester machine that is also taken as love meter or love teller. This amusement personality tester machine is able to tell subject’s love abilities, sex appeal, or romantic feelings for the person coming with him or her by the receiving credit. Actually, the moisture on the skin surface of the attender’s hands will be the target area that is electrically tested by the machine to present the skin conductance in sequence. Sometimes, there is also some other machine that tells the result by measuring the temperature of the subject’s skin. What’s more, some of machine even run with a random generator! In fact, game is just a game. The love tester machine is just used for fun, so, you shall not take the result seriously. Normally, the Love Meters could be seen in those penny arcades, amusement parks, modern video arcades, restaurants, and bars. Due to its unique amusement purposes, this kind of love tester machine is loved by many visitors and park owners too.

The features of The Dr. Love/Love Meter – Metal

  • Different subjects: Thought the love tester is considered the most suitable play for couples, it can still offer fun for singles and families.
  • LED Lights and Digital Sounds: The LED lights set on its each side can flash for a long time to keep it an eye-catching point. Also, the digital sound system will guarantee an almost real human sound while making a broadcast.
  • Space saving: I have to say that this machine is really a space saving equipment since it only has 18” footprint. In this way, you can always find out enough place for it even if you are running a small indoor play park.
  • Lasting working time: The love tester machine is battery powered and has 110 volts A/C so that it can work for a lasting time.
  • Optional pedestal stand hold and metal meters or testers: If you want to provide your customers with more fun, you can hire pedestal stand hold, metal meters or testers to gain stronger function.

Delivering a test in Dr. Love/Love Meter – Metal is just like weighing yourself in the weight scale. People often feel excited while they are waiting for the result. Indeed, this love tester machine can provide really a good amusement way for couples, singles, and families in the indoor playground.

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